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CrowdFunding Done Differently!

Welcome to VentureCapitalistYou! We are a ‘Keep What You Raise’ crowdfunding platform that is focused on U.S. based start-ups and companies, or what we call Drives. Our goal is to reach serious Contributors who want to see Drives in the U.S succeed, and we do this in a way that is different than other crowdfunding platforms. How you ask? Look at our Why Us section, and whether you’re a Contributor or a Drive, we have a page that explains why you should work through us.

Have the freedom to create what YOU want, for who YOU want.

We have a few Special Offers going on right now!  For the first 50 Drives, we are lowering our fees5195000073 to just 3% in order to help give you a leg up!  Be one of the first Drives, and be a part of a different way of crowdfunding. Click to Start a Drive today!

Contributors get to register for FREE in order to have the opportunity for MONETARY, or intangible, and tangible rewards!  (712) 476-8451 NOW, tell your friends, and be a part of a different way to crowdfund!

As a BONUS, all new Drives are given a boost to reach their funding goal from a donation directly from VentureCapitalistYou[2]! We want to see you succeed as much as the contributors! You can become a Drive by going to our 978-941-6242page NOW!

On top of a competitive business model, we also want you to know that every year, we will be choosing a charity to donate to. This year, 10% of our Net income will go directly to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help in the healing process. We want you to know that EVERY Drive and Contributor will be part of this, and we want to thank you. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do this, and that is why the donation will be from the Drives and Contributors at VentureCapitalistYou.  We can’t wait to update you on the progress towards the donation!


**VentureCapitalistYou is not in any way an investment company, advisor, platform for investment, or any other piece of an investment infrastructure. We are a 3rd party internet platform that brings the Contributors and Drives together in order to work together through a binding agreement. Both parties involved, have read and agreed to the Terms of Use and are thereby bound to an ethical standing that is brought forth by said agreement. See Terms of Use for further information.

301-882-8553 See Terms of Use for details.
[2] Donation is subject to the terms of the Funding Guide provided by VentureCapitalstYou to each Drive.